Making Venison Jerky Recipes

Looking for a great tasting snack you can make at home, is a fun family project and is good for you.  Try making venison jerky.  Since beef and venison are similar in nature, many of the venison jerky recipes will cross over to beef and vice versa.  I prefer to use venison for making jerky.  Many of my family members are hunters, so in my case, venison is readily available.  Beef will work as well, so if is your preference and depends on what meat you have access to.   

There are several inexpensive ways to make venison jerky recipes and if you want to get fancy, several products you can use to make venison jerky that will match anything you can buy commercially.

The most inexpensive way to make venison jerky is to use your home oven.  Choose a recipe from sites like venisonjerkyrecipes, or  

Here are a few of my favorites:

Spicy Venison Jerky

Teriyaki Venison Jerky

Simple Venison Jerky Recipe

Again, recipes will carry over for venison or beef, so choose either when searching.  Follow the directions for the venison jerky recipe and place the recipe in your home oven.  Depending on if you choose a venison jerky recipe that utilizes ground venison or one that uses venison steak, you may have to experiment with cooking temps and times.  Because you want to dry the venison to make jerky and not cook the venison, you will need to cook it low and slow.  I have found by keeping the oven temp on about 170 degrees with the door hinged open works great.  

If you have access to a food dehydrator, you can get a little more advanced with your venison jerky recipes.  Dehydrators work great and after you put together the meat in the venison jerky recipe you choose, you can set it and forget it.  Use the manufacturers guidelines when operating the dehydrator and your venison jerky will come out great.  

By far, my favorite way to make the best venison jerky recipes possible, is by combining the use of a smoker and either a food dehydrator or your home oven.  Smoking venison jerky low and slow allows you to infuse another layer of flavor into the meat.  This flavor will be directly related to the type of wood chips you use in your smoker.  Because it can take a very long time to totally dry the venison jerky in the smoker, I like to start it there and then transfer it to a food dehydrator.  This saves you from having to babysit the smoker for hours on end.  

Whatever method you choose to make or create great tasting venison jerky recipes, just remember to have fun with it!  Get your family involved for a great weekend project and enjoy the fruits of your labor.  Venison jerky stores well and can be frozen and thawed to enjoy for many months.  One suggestion would be to make several small batches and once you find a venison jerky recipe you enjoy, move on to making bigger batches to save time and money.  I hope you enjoy the tips and suggestions from my blog.  Good luck!